DLT based syndicated loan platform to create a speedy, cost efficient, transparent, dis-intermediated, yet compliant system. Read more about it in our white paper.

Our Solution
SyndLend is a sophisticated solution to the predicaments of the existing syndicated loan market by building
an ecosystem of banks and other financial institutions by utilizing the capability of DLT.
A loan syndicated platform supported by distributed ledger technology is expected to revolutionize
lending/ borrowing activity to drive economic change on a global scale as the transactions undertaken on
the platform are immutable, transparent, trusted in the trustless atmosphere, secure and fastand fast with
easy, but with authorized accessibility.
Application Architecture
SyndLend provides a secure decentralized application architecture utilizing resilient libraries and protocols without interacting with unnecessary middlewares. The client application an intuitive user interface and yet a secure way to access the accounts. The client application will communicate with deployed contracts through the secure JSON-RPC interface exposed by DLT nodes.

Our Services

Quick Demo

A sneak and peak into the SyndLend application.

R3 Marketplace

Find our application at R3 Marketplace (coming soon)

Tools & Support

Docs open source tools for the SyndLend to support seamless integration.

Our Features

Decentralized loan trade desk

Quicker settlement

Transparent and privacy preserved

Cost-effective negotiations

Data safety with replicated data

Authenticity of the events

Untampered transactions